Created first ideas, UX design, 3D previs, and art concepts for multi-platform game-style AR experience of Jet-
planes speeding through virtual raceway in the sky. Managed last-minute integrations of high-tech navigation
and virtual studio technologies into fully-functional augmented reality game/presentation/product. Remotely
coordinated multidisciplinary teams to achieve world's premiere augmented-reality racing-game-in-the-sky
environment. Result: world’s first augmented-reality jet-racing track, with largest (4kmx6km) virtual soft-studio ever
created. Storyboarded, Directed, and Edited promotion video. After the first pitch to investors and successful
proof-of-concept presentation at the American Air-show in Tulsa, Arizona, RRL Inc. raised $6million in investments.
> AUGMENTED REALITY JET RACING :: Rocket Racing League Inc., US
Directing animation and visual effects, storyboarding, texture painting, compositing :: Created for Orpan's motion
theater installation for International Tourist Attractions, Voyage to the Universe is edutainment triple screen movie,
introducing audience to the secrets of the universe.
> VOYAGE TO THE UNIVERSE - Triple-screen theme-park ride :: International Tourist Attractions, Orpan, JCS
Scriptwriting, storyboarding, directing, and VFX. Created animated presentation / cinematics for game based
around Og's Bones construction elements. Cinematics had objective to showcase potential of both plastic
construction toy and it's soft-toy version. Slightly ahead of LEGO, this was probably world's first attempt to create
construction toy that will be fun in both reality and in the computer. Presentation showcased toy concept's
potentials assisting negotiations for Tiltan's acquisition by Acclaim Entertainment
> OG’S BONES CYBERBUILDER - Cyber construction set  :: Tiltan Technologies., Israel
Directing Animation and Visual Effects, Storyboarding, Texture Painting, Compositing :: Created as one-shot ride
through our galaxy, Planetarium is motion theater triple-screen ride movie presented in Tel Aviv's planetarium
> PLANETARIUM  :: International Tourist Attractions, Orpan, JCS