Created 3D Previs and animation. Translated storyboards into 3D previs. Created several options for channel
ident animation for one of Israel's largest cable companies. Project was prototyped using Anark Studio's realtime
3d capabilities that allowed fast prototyping of various ideas. Using conventional 3D tools, such experimentation
could have stretched over at least two-three months. After three weeks and about 30 prototypes for opening -
design studio, art directors, production company and the end-client finally arrived to the previs that everyone
approved. Chosen previs progressed to final animation and compositing.
> HOT - Channel Ident :: HOT, Playground Studio, Israel
After creating basic concept with Mr Simon Nasht (producer of “Beyond 2000”) - directed, storyboarded, and
supervised editing and postproduction of TV opening for Central Express. This music-video style TV opening,
as well as series of bumpers and interstitials for central-european TV magazine were broadcasted in 26 countries
during 2 years of running.
> CENTRAL EXPRESS :: Pilot Productions, UK
Directing, storyboarding, compositing, and visual effects for the first 3D CG animated news opening for
Israel's Channel One prime-time news broadcast. Animation was conceived and designed to be viewed in
Stereoscopic 3-D, using color-coding of ChromaDepth technology.
> MABAT, Channel 1 News Opening :: Pixel Ltd., Israel