Invented/Designed LIGHTWARP - CG lens with premiere ability to interactively sculpt 3D vision space/layout
using non-linear 3D rendering. LIGHTWARP can be used to create stereoscopic movies with full optical control
over every shot's convergence point/area and it’s Z depth. LIGHTWARP empowers amplified sensation of depth
and motion for animation/VFX movies and games. Target of it’s future development is Depth Illusion Digital
Imaging: Creation and distribution of 3D movies and games, without goggles and dual-stream infrastructure.
> LIGHTWARP - NON-LINEAR 3D CG LENS :: Neovision Department of Human Eyes Ltd., Israel
Designed and scripted DEPTHMAKER - software that uses only 2D images to create fully navigatable non-linear
3D space with enhanced depth illusion. Using patented technology, DEPTHMAKER can turn every multilayered
photoshop file or photograph into navigatable depth-rich enviropnment. Empowering Artistic (non-linear) rather
than Mathematical (linear) manipulations of 3D space, DEPTHMAKER creates '2D for 3D' layer-based animations
with previously unavailable degree of depth sensation/believability and creative freedom
> DEPTHMAKER :: 2.5 D ANIMATION SOLUTION :: Neovision Department of Human Eyes Ltd., Israel
Based around counter-intuitive yet inventive procedure of processing motion data - Created Cyber-Cinema
authoring concept - dubbed CAPSCENE. It's a unique set of motion-capture procedures for previsualization and/or
creation of real-time synthesized cyber-movies, utilizing realtime active optical motion-capture technologies.
CAPSCENE (Capturing the Scene) concept is director-centric mocap solution that empowers creation/authoring of
CG-based movies with unprecended speed, efficiency, and flexibility. Presented as open-source concept at
SIGGRAPH 2002. - CAPSCENE procedures of virtual cinematography have been emulated by various companies
in different market solutions.
> CAPSCENE :: Cosmogon, Israel and PTI Phoenix, Canada
By combining existing software applications - designed solution for flicker-free still image tv broadcasting via set-
top boxes. In the dawning of iTV - still-image flicker was common problem for all set-top box TV transmissions.
Based on Flicker-Free Image Processing and Screenpeaks' VIC-TV info-channels invention - created principles
and procedures for creation of highly effective and unique low-bandwith TV channels: GameSee, GuessGames,
QuizzPlease?, MusicRelaxx, Micro-Karaoke
By reversing classical motion control setup, invented one of the world's first basic virtual studio technologies at
Pixel Control (later to become Rt-Set, Viz-Rt). Established first technical and creative procedures for Virtual
Cinematography: Film & Television film-making process where actors are performing against real-time computer
generated environments, where CG cameras are synchronised with live action cameras in real time. Coined-up
term RESTENT - "Realtime Synthetic Entertainment". Designed first virtual set prototypes. Supervised shooting of
TV pilot for premiere virtual-studio based SF sitcom ‘Halalit” (SpaceShip), where actors were recorded against
chroma-key blue while 3D background from synchronised CG cameras was inserted behind them on-the-fly.
> VIRTUAL STUDIO TECHNOLOGY :: Pixel Control/Viz-RT Ltd., US/Israel