Remote product/UX/GUI consultant for Adobe Story - remote colaboration scriptwriting tool. Suggested new
features for product roadmap - focusing on innovative previsualizing of story flow. Proposed set of solutions to
visualize script assets across scenes. Designed unique 3D visual brainstorming methods for interconnection of
story elements.
> Remote UX/UI and Product Consultant :: Adobe, US / India
Consulted Human Eyes Ltd. on functionality and UX of ‘Snapily’ website for on-demand 3-D printing. Applying
knowhow of both UX design and 3-D content creation - designed UX, GUI and executed series of prototypes for
‘Snapily-Pro’ and ‘3D BusinessCards’ websites for online design of 3-D applications and user-generated on-
demand 3-D printing. Company signed contracts with American Greetings, Sony, and HP’s SnapFish. Eeach of
these companies are in process of implementing these online-design applications into their websites.
> UX and GUI Design, Product Management :: Human Eyes Ltd. & Snapily Inc. Israel
Created first ideas, UX design, 3D previs, and art concepts for multi-platform game-style AR experience of Jet-
planes speeding through virtual raceway in the sky. Managed last-minute integrations of high-tech navigation and
virtual studio technologies into fully-functional augmented reality game/presentation/product. Remotely coordinated
multidisciplinary teams to achieve world's premiere augmented-reality racing-game-in-the-sky environment. Result:
world’s first augmented-reality jet-racing track, with largest (4kmx6km) virtual soft-studio ever created. After the first
pitch to investors and successful proof-of-concept presentation at the American Air-show in Tulsa, Arizona, RRL
Inc. raised $6million in investments.
> Creative Director, AR Product Management, UX Design :: Rocket Racing League Inc., US
Proposed additional product features and new applications. Suggested functionality enhancements as well as UX
& GUI improvements for Quiksee Studio and Quiksee Player products. Created document with suggestion for
possible 3-D stereoscopic and navigation applications. Assisted in creating presentation documents and directed,
animated, and edited video presentation materials to assist company’s pitch to potential investors - with specific
focus on Google Inc. which finally purchased company’s IP for $10million.
> Product, UX & GUI Consultant. Promotion & Concept Videos’ Director  :: Quiksee, Israel
Proposed product’s road-map, UX solutions and suggested tech & creative directions for efficient production
pipeline of visual chat-rooms and avatars for virtual world - first stage of Massive Multiplayer Game Journeys.
Authored interactive previs/ proof-of-concept-demo for MMOG using Anark Studio, assisting company’s sucessful
pitch for the second round of investments.
> UX and Game Design Consultant, Product Management and Prototyping :: Journeys Ltd., Israel
Designed game-specific assets-creation pipeline that quadrupled team’s productive output. As Product Manager
and Art Director supervised production of game’s art assets and their implementation by programming team.
Designed environments, segments of gameplay, UX, and visual effects for massive online multiplayer game
‘Moondo’. Assited game gesign and GDD with suggestions and storyboards, while creating on-hands previs and
> UX and Game Design Consultant, Art & Director, Prototyping & Previs :: Funtactix Ltd., Israel
• In partnership with Benny Landa created and patented LightWarp - premiere non-linear 3D rendering CG lens
that empowers free optical-driven sculpting of 2D & 3D layout. • Designed LightWarp's Push'n'Pull option that will
enable full control of ROI's depth, resolving 3d jump-cut problems in stereoscopic 3-D and multi-view 3-D for
motion pictures and games. • Product Manager, UX Director and GUI Designer for innovative DCC software
applications: DepthMaker and LightWarp. • Designed procedures for DIDI - Depth Illusion Digital Imaging – CG-
based enhancement of depth and motion for films and games. Directed 12 short animated demo films.
> Product Manager, Chief Scientist, UX & GUI Designer  :: NeoVision Dept. Human Eyes Ltd., Israel
Wrote and designed first pitch presentation for startup company that developed technology for secure game
distribution via broadband-enabled sequential streaming of game levels and data. Assisted in writing product’s
roadmap. Provided consulting on user-experience for prototype of Game Portal Web-site to Streamix's web
developers. Designed and prototyped Graphic User Interface (GUI) using Anark Studio - interactive multimedia
authoring package.
> Product Consultant, GUI Designer  :: Streamix Ltd., Israel
• Designed GUI for VIC-TV content composer and configured content management and retrieval process that
removes flickering from hi-res static images displayed on TV. Invented 12 new applications for company's
technology and created product road-maps for their implementation. Designed user experience for all applications
and created over 40 demo designs to showcase it. After video premiered at ITEA convention in Berlin in 2001,
company received acquisition proposals from Phillips and Sony.  Epilogue: Screenpeaks rejected few acquisition
proposals, deciding to conduct business of it's own. Today, Screenpeaks tech is still among leading iTV
applications today, maintaining successful growth and profit margin.
> Product Manager, UX + GUI, content applications’ designer  :: Screenpeaks Ltd., Israel
Created interactive realtime 3D previs / pre-viz / pre-vis / previsualization tool for rough film scene prototyping.
Using Anark Studio's (RAD) core game engine, STORYTELL-R allows real-time animation/choreography of
objects, actors and cameras. Following year - STORYTELL-R was used for one-man-band ultra-fast previs on
early stages of "Happily N'Ever After" and Genne Roddenburry's "Starpoint Academy" - animated feature films in
production at DPSI, Israel.
> Product Management, UX and GUI design, Prototyping :: DPSI Ltd., US/Israel