Created first ideas, UX design, 3D previs, and trans-media concepts for multi-platform game-style AR
experience of Jet-planes speeding through virtual raceway in the sky. Managed last-minute integrations of high-
tech navigation and virtual studio technologies into fully-functional augmented reality
game/presentation/product. Remotely coordinated multidisciplinary teams to achieve world's premiere
augmented-reality racing-game-in-the-sky environment. Result: world’s first augmented-reality jet-racing track, with
largest (4kmx6km) virtual soft-studio ever created. After the first pitch to investors and successful proof-of-concept
presentation at the American Air-show in Tulsa, Arizona, RRL Inc. raised $6million in investments.
> ROCKET RACING LEAGUE - Multi-Platform Augmented Reality Game & Sport :: Rocket Racing League Inc. US
UX and Game Design Consultant, Art & Director, Prototyping & Previs. Designed game-specific assets-
creation pipeline that quadrupled team’s productive output. As Product Manager and Art Director supervised
production of game’s art assets and their implementation by programming team. Designed environments,
segments of gameplay, UX, and visual effects for massive online multiplayer game ‘Moondo’. Assited game gesign
and GDD with suggestions and storyboards, while creating on-hands previs and prototypes.
> MOONDO - Massive Multiplayer Online Game :: Funtactix Ltd., Israel
Cinematic consulting, editing, and music composing for Expandable - game in development. Started as game
modification for Crysis 2, this firt person shooter has been developed into a full game by Roy Shapira - one-man-
band game designer. This mocup teaser-trailer assisted Roy in assembling small crew of game asset creators, and
under the name of Space Cowboys - move on to the next project - Petrograd.
> EXPANDABLE - Teaser-trailer for FPS game/mod :: Space Cowboys Group, Israel
Directing, camera animation, editing, scratch sound editing. Objective was to create fighting action sequence
demo that would serve both as martial arts film mocup trailer and game cinematic. Camera coverage during fight
had to be directed in way which will allow later live action film shoot using normal crane/dolly equipment with
minimal intervention in post. Source Motion Data originates from Centroid 3D Studio, and was edited/prepared by
Richard Widgery of Kinetic Impulse.
> SAMURAI STAR - Mocup Trailer & Cinematic :: Kinetic Impulse, UK
Creative consultant on story, title design and animation, and re-mix editing. With Game Designer Roy
Shapira and his Space Cowboys game development group - co-created this teaser for an upcoming game. With all
footage rendered in real-time using Cry Engine 2 - this suspense X-files style teaser creates teaser-style
anticipation for non-existing game. As no-budget experiment in word-of-mouth viral guerilla marketing, this video
managed to collect impressive 40.000 views in only 2-3 days of exposure on hardcore gamers community sites
and YouTube.
> PETROGRAD | Cinematic, Teaser-trailer :: Space Cowboys, Israel / US
Proposed product’s road-map, UX solutions and suggested tech & creative directions for efficient production
pipeline of visual chat-rooms and avatars for virtual world - first stage of Massive Multiplayer Game Journeys.
Authored interactive previs/ proof-of-concept-demo for MMOG using Anark Studio, assisting company’s sucessful
pitch for the second round of investments.
> JOURNEYS - Metaverse / Massive Multiplayer Online Game :: Journeys Ltd., Israel
With Israel's young experts in the field of quantum physics - Bel Golan, and Chen Shalem, co-wrote and authored
Anark-based interactive 3D multimedia that explains Einstein's special theory of relativity. Since Einstein's
concepts are very hard to comprehend anyway, complexity of turning the scientific theories into action-driven script
and then into real-time animation and previs (previspre-vis, previsualization) was a challenge with difficulties way
beyond any film script. Adding layer of interactivity to add immersive values to this multimedia title provided for
another exceptional challenge. 
> RELATIVITY VOYAGE - Edutainment  :: Cosmogon Creations, Israel
Scriptwriting, storyboarding, directing, and VFX. Created animated presentation / cinematics for game based
around Og's Bones construction elements. Cinematics had objective to showcase potential of both plastic
construction toy and it's soft-toy version. Slightly ahead of LEGO, this was probably world's first attempt to create
construction toy that will be fun in both reality and in the computer. Presentation showcased toy concept's
potentials assisting negotiations for Tiltan's acquisition by Acclaim Entertainment
> OG’S BONES CYBERBUILDER - Cyber construction set  :: Tiltan Technologies., Israel
Storyboarding, texturing, 3D multimedia authoring of interactive game-like scientific presentation. In
association with Quantum Physics expert Bel Golan - created game-like e-Learning presentation of nuclear
accelerator and the process of nuclear fission. Using Anark Studio interactive 3D multimedia package, authoring of
this short-burst interactive multimedia piece was both fast and fun to do. It was an unusual award to watch school-
kids enjoy “navigating” around the accelerator, activating the neutron gun, while 'getting the idea' about the
physical processes behind nuclear fission.
> ACCELERATOR  :: Weitzman Institute of Science & Cosmogon Creations, Israel